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Women of Impact

Jun 9, 2021

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Taking control of your health and learning about your body is more important than ever before. With environmental changes affecting your body, foods, and mental stressors, there is no wonder that women are quietly suffering through so many health issues. Dr. Aviva Romm joins me in this episode and just kept shocking me with information about what is going on with women on a hormonal level that is impacting girls as young as 7 years old. We discuss everything from diet to libido, and how you can start gaining control over your days and your power living in harmony with your menstrual cycle because you have a better understanding of how to work with it and not against it.


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Early Menstruation | Dr. Romm explains why girls are starting puberty as early as age 7! [1:15]

Hormonal Imbalance | Dr. Romm explains what hormonal imbalance is really costing [2:51]

Microbiome | How increased antibiotics impact microbiome and hormones [3:41]

Establishing Normal | Dr. Romm explains normal healthy vs. what’s normal ‘common’ [6:56]

Quiet Risks | Not discussing issues like endometriosis is causing greater problems [9:36]

6th Vital Sign | Dr. Romm reveals menstrual cycles are the 6th vital sound for women [11:36]

Me-Search | Dr. Romm emphasizes the importance of researching your own body [12:28]

Behavior & Habits | How to use your cycle to your advantage for improving habits & behaviors [13:53]

Diet Tips | Dr. Romm on eating habits around your cycle to improve health & cravings [21:28]

Mind-Gut-Health | The shocking connection between the three that tie to your cycle [25:02]

Long Term Process | Why you should understand long term health is not overnight [32:06]

Sex Drive | Dr. Romm on knowing when you feel most sexual in relation to your period [35:24]

Low Sex Drive | Dr. Romm share natural remedies to increase libido [38:46]

Body Image | Dr. Romm on why body image and self esteem can lower your libido [42:03]

Birth Control | Dr. Romm on what people should know about taking birth control [45:38]

Depression | Dr. Romm exposes pill induced depression going unchecked and treated [50:11]




“If your hormones are wonky, if things are going on, it’s not your fault, it’s not something you’re doing wrong.” [5:48]


“It takes women nine years, on average, multiple different doctors to get a diagnosis.” [10:12]


“So we’re doing ourselves a disservice by not pushing for information that we deserve to have.” [11:29]


“If your microbiome is disrupted it can really have an impact on your hormones, especially your estrogen.” [26:25]


“If you’re not feeling sexy, you’re not going to be feeling sexual” [36:00]


“Right now, the use of electronic devices in the bedroom is one of the biggest buzz kills for sex.” [38:23]


“In general, for an ongoing healthy sexual relationship and good libido it really is about that connection that we tend to want to get things going.” [41:23]


“What I am opposed to is women not being told about the very real risks, and the risks of depression are real and they’re significant.” [46:35]


“If you can do something as mild and safe and get lifelong benefits rather than do something that is just suppressive and has risks, why not try the other thing first?” [48:29]


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