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Women of Impact

Mar 18, 2020

Tiffany Boone could very easily have become just another statistic. Raised by a single mother in Baltimore after her father was killed, she drew inspiration from her mother’s no-excuses mindset and incredible hard work. So instead of becoming a statistic, she became a successful actress and a role model. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Tiffany Boone shares her story, and she goes into great detail on the struggles she faced with mental health, her difficulties on a show that seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, and her eventual triumph. Tiffany and Lisa also discuss building confidence, the connections between blessings and karma, and why nothing is more important than integrity.

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Tiffany credits her mother with developing her no-excuses mindset [4:07]

Tiffany says she will always keep striving until her mother doesn’t have to work any more [6:22]

Tiffany describes suffering from anxiety and depression due to being rejected as an actor [7:15]

After Tiffany returned to acting after taking a break, she wasn’t desperate any more [11:13]

Tiffany explains why she used medication even though it was culturally unacceptable [12:32]

“How can I be creative in a way that doesn’t harm me, that doesn’t beat down my spirit?” [15:37]

“You can be grateful for situations that end up being really painful.” [19:56]

“No job is worth my integrity.” [22:06]

Lisa and Tiffany discuss why it’s unhealthy to hold onto personal hatred and bitterness [25:40]

How do you forgive yourself if you have dishonored yourself? [29:42]

Tiffany explains how she found her voice, why and when she decided to use it [32:45]

Listen to your gut, to that little voice in the back of your head, and bet on yourself [36:40]

Tiffany and Lisa discuss confidence and how to build it [37:35]

You are more powerful than you want to give yourself credit for [40:07]

Tiffany talks about working with her heroes and idols [42:21]

We can’t push women to run things just to fill a quota [44:59]

Tiffany and Lisa discuss blessings, karma, and doing the work [46:51]