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Women of Impact

Aug 14, 2019

“Comfortability is where all the destruction lies.” Tara Mackey was surrounded by drugs growing up, and at one point was prescribed 14 different pharmaceuticals. Then, she chose to give up the drugs and rely on natural healing methods. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Tara Mackey describes how to beat addictions, and how to get out of the comfort zone that may be killing you. This is someone who has definitely been there, and knows how to use intuition, discipline and love to completely transform.


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Tara explains how the story she told herself governed her life [3:00]

Tara illustrates the first step she took to change her story [6:41]

Tara talks about how to learn to say no to what’s comfortable [8:45]

Tara explains how difficult things often seems easy in hindsight [10:26]

Tara defines intuition and describes how she uses it [11:52]

Tara and Lisa discuss taking ownership of everything, and having no regrets [14:04]

Tara talks about how to avoid getting to the point of attempting suicide [16:21]

Tara describes the W.I.L.D. method of changing bad habits [17:40]

Tara delves more deeply into how to use intuition to make better decisions [19:59]

Tara talks about what love really means [21:15]

Tara explains how to develop discipline [23:26]

Tara describes overcoming the urge to reach for medication during hard times [25:18]

Tara talks about struggling with coming into her power [29:04]

Tara and Lisa discuss death and thinking about death [30:42]

Tara illustrates using lists to keep her life balanced [32:10]

Tara shares her superpower, resilience [33:50]