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Women of Impact

Aug 28, 2019

Having pop culture icons as parents is a blessing, but it also creates incredible pressure and imposes some pretty limiting expectations. As daughter of Motown musicians Diana Ross and Berry Gordy, Rhonda Ross might be the leading expert on those sorts of blessings and pressures. On today’s episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Rhonda Ross discusses how she learned to find her true voice amidst everyone’s expectations, why she welcomes criticism, and why she has learned to remind herself always, in good times and bad, that nothing is permanent.

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Rhonda talks about being limited by other’s expectations [2:27]

Rhonda describes how meditation allowed her to hear her own true voice [5:59]

Rhonda shares how she stopped doing what others wanted her to do [9:13]

Rhonda and Lisa discuss how to use criticism positively to be self-aware [12:20]

Rhonda explains how she saw through the idea that fame would bring happiness [15:07]

Rhonda advocates daily, purposeful gratitude and appreciation [18:04]

Rhonda and Lisa discuss taking ownership of your life [20:10]

Rhonda talks about why it’s nobody’s job to make her happy [21:51]

Rhonda explains why it’s so important to not try to control other people [25:46]

Rhonda describes the difficulty she had in conceiving a child [28:04]

Rhonda details how she learned to enjoy every step of any journey she’s on [31:14]

“Belief is everything.” [32:47]

Rhonda and Lisa discuss always reminding yourself that nothing is permanent [34:10]

Rhonda shares her superpower. [35:53]