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Women of Impact

Nov 13, 2019


Best known as the first female announcer in the history of WWE, Lilian Garcia has had a long, extraordinary and surprising career as a host, singer, songwriter, and executive producer. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Lilian Garcia shares how she learned to always ask how to do something instead of saying she can’t do it. Along the way, she describes her struggles with marriage and wanting to have children, the stress she experienced as a perfectionist, and why she has decided to be herself and trust that it’s enough.

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Lilian describes the first time she ever announced for the WWE and how afraid she was [4:04]

Lilian advocates asking “how” instead of saying “I can’t” [7:35]

Lilian describes the stress she used to experience by being a perfectionist [8:31]

“If it’s causing you stress and you love it, keep at it.” [11:31]

Lilian talks about her first marriage, why she stayed, and why she eventually left [13:12]

Lilian describes her second marriage and the realization that she wanted kids [19:08]

Lilian talks about going to Personal Success Institute and how it changed her [23:54]

Lilian advocates always being yourself and trusting that it’s enough [27:00]

Lisa and Lilian discuss how much is imprinted on us from a young age [29:12]

Lilian explains what it was like being a woman in the WWE [32:25]

Lilian talks about how her dedication has helped her in MMA [35:02]

Lilian encourages people to stop lying about their age [37:37]

Lilian and Lisa discuss why we need to stop judging each other based on age [43:48]

Lilian shares her superpower [48:09]