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Women of Impact

Jul 31, 2019

The odds of succeeding in Hollywood are absurdly low. So early on, Katee Sackhoff realized that she had better figure out what made her different from everyone else, and how to stay true to the person she really is. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, star actress Katee Sackhoff (best known as “Starbuck” from Battlestar Galactica) describes how she pursued her career against all odds, how she distinguished herself from everyone else, and how she remains committed to her own ethics and standards. 


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Katee explains how she went against her parents’ desires when she pursued acting [3:19]

“Every time someone told me no, it made me work harder.” [4:55]

Katee and Lisa discuss how unlikely making it is in Hollywood [5:58]

Katee explains how to focus on your own success instead of the competition [7:18]

Katee advocates never compromising yourself  [10:27]

Katee talks about taking on the role of Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica [12:17]

Katee describes dealing with backlash [14:10]

Katee discusses fear, vulnerability, and sadness [15:00]

“Allowing your feelings to be hurt just means it mattered to you.” [17:36]

Katee advocates that eventually only you are responsible for your future [19:55]

Katee explains why she doesn’t believe in regrets [20:34]

Katee talks about the severe limitations of texting and social media [23:37]

Katee describes her new show, “Another Life” [26:53]

Katee explains how the next project always has to be better than the previous [28:42]

“You have to allow people to be honest with you” [30:14]

Katee talks about how being a producer has changed the rest of her life [33:00]

Katee shares that she used to give only 95% so that she had an excuse if she failed [33:59]

Katee explains how she remains disciplined on days where she wants to give in [36:26]

Katee explains how she learned to stop feeling sorry for herself [38:18]

Katee shares her superpower [39:02]