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Women of Impact

May 15, 2019

This week’s guest on Women of Impact is An Deckers.  After a childhood laced with sexual abuse, she married a money-laundering linchpin more than 14 years her senior.  After finding her freedom, she started her own property management agency which now does millions of dollars in revenue. In this episode she talks about her experiences & how you can find your own freedom and live a life of authenticity.


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How she was able to overcome her circumstances and never feel like a victim despite being in a difficult marriage [4:02]

You can be anyone you want to be, you don’t have to carry around baggage [7:17]

How she went from absolute luxury to “regular life” and learned the true meaning of happiness [8:13]

How she overcame her childhood abuse by confronting her past [9:52]

What An Deckers has done that’s given her the courage to speak out about her experiences [14:46]

How she was able to stay true to herself despite entering so many different environments and why she never conformed to society’s standards [16:02]

An Deckers personal experience entering a relationship with Lisa’s mom and how they opened up about their relationship to Lisa and her siblings [19:41]

How An was able to separate her relationship of the past from her new relationship [21:37]

Lisa’s opinions on the importance of intention in a relationship [23:41]

The story about how An Deckers was convicted of her husband’s crime and how Lisa’s mom showed her support through it all [25:02]

How An started her business even while she was being convicted of the crime [26:04]

How An was able to make the leap into being an entrepreneur with just 90 days worth of money [28:27]

Why starting a company didn’t seem like a big deal after An had gone through everything she had personally [30:49]

What Lisa admires about An, and how An is disciplined enough to run her own business but is also able to choose when she doesn’t want to be disciplined [32:28]

An says you should do one big goal per year that really scares you [36:26]

An Deckers reveals her superpower [38:48]