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Women of Impact

Aug 21, 2019

Do you often feel stuck? If we don’t intentionally engage our conscious mind, we end up spending 95% of our lives on auto-pilot. And according to Nicole LePera, those auto-pilot habits and subconscious thought patterns are exactly what keep us stuck. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, holistic psychologist Nicole LePera shares tips and tactics on how to deal with your deepest triggers, how to build confidence, and how to finally get unstuck.

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Nicole explains what consciousness is, and why it’s necessary to tap into it [2:52]

The first thing anyone should do is simply observe themselves [5:10]

Nicole talks about how to not judge your own thoughts [8:28]

Nicole describes using meditation and journaling to change habits and thought patterns [9:28]

Nicole advocates focusing on the future, and imagining change [12:04]

Nicole explains how, in the moment, you can switch away from subconscious habits [14:06]

Nicole talks about how sometimes time and space are your best friends [17:05]

Nicole describes why our relationships contain our most powerful triggers [18:29]

Nicole advocates radical honesty to deal with past trauma [21:40]

Nicole tells a story about how not doing the dishes led to huge arguments [24:39]

Nicole discusses the difference between confidence and ego [30:30]

Nicole describes the first steps to becoming genuinely confident [33:03]

Nicole advocates the importance of sleep and nutrition [37:44]

Lisa and Nicole discuss the brain-gut connection [40:30]

Nicole describes 3 things that people can do immediately to improve their health [45:36]

Nicole shares her superpower [48:16]


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