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Women of Impact

Jan 22, 2020

Natalie Ellis is not just the CEO of Boss Babe, she is the embodiment of being a boss babe in real life. But everyone, no matter how successful, can experience chronic health challenges and personal hardship. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Natalie Ellis talks about applying the same consistency and intention she uses in business to solving critical health issues and making a marriage work. She also discusses separating her personal life from her business life, talks about becoming more compassionate towards herself, and describes her hopes for a future family.

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Natalie explains exactly how she decides what to focus on [2:46]

Natalie describes her process for setting realistic goals and building on them [5:00]

Set milestones for success, and have harsh conversations with yourself if you miss them [6:54]

How to be honest with yourself without denting your confidence [8:56]

Natalie answers the question, “What is your why?” [10:28]

What happens when your personal “why” comes into conflict with your business “why”? [11:04]

Natalie and Lisa discuss dealing with guilt around having to say no to people [12:36]

Natalie talks about wanting to start a family in the future [15:11]

It was a real wake-up call for Natalie that she couldn’t completely control her health [16:28]

Natalie describes the changes she made in order to become more compassionate [19:27]

Natalie gives advice on how to manage stress while building a business [20:43]

You have to be really intentional about what you’re doing [25:22]

Natalie discusses the health challenges she faced when coming off of birth control [27:04]

Natalie doesn’t credit any specific thing for her health improvement [29:29]

Lisa talks about her own health struggles as a result of ending birth control use [30:40]

Natalie explains how she separates her personal life from work [32:40]

Natalie never works week-ends [37:36]

Natalie shares her superpower [39:40]