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Women of Impact

Oct 16, 2019

Beauty industry titan Mally Roncal has worked with the biggest names in the world--including Beyonce. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Mally Roncal shares her stories of making it in business, working with celebrities, maintaining a happy marriage, and dealing with the inevitable haters. She also explains how to not take no for an answer, how to balance work and family life, and how to live according to your deepest intuitions and your authentic self.


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Mally describes the difficulty women have in being proud of themselves [3:08]

How to not take no for an answer [3:37]

Mally advocates listening carefully to the voice of intuition at absolutely all times [7:46]

Mally describes her passion to lift women up [11:50]

Mally and Lisa discuss the dangers of tying self-esteem to physical looks [13:26]

Mally describes the danger of pretending that everything is alright [17:27]

Mally believes in positivity, chooses it every day, and her positivity is rooted in reality [19:33]

Mally and Lisa discuss gratitude and how it relates to staying focused [23:11]

Mally talks about self-care and its relation to needing to hustle relentlessly [25:29]

How do you balance working for your family and spending time with your family? [28:42]

Mally believes we are too held-back, restrained, not free enough [32:08]

Mally and Lisa discuss being your authentic self and whether that is good for business [34:15]

Mally explains how learned to stop trying to conform [39:30]

“I’m no longer allowing myself to be around people that make me feel like s***” [43:53]

Mally shares her superpower [46:17]


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