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Women of Impact

Oct 23, 2019

Chalene Johnson has made her name as a fitness coach, an entrepreneur and a business coach. But her path to success wasn’t easy, and she has dealt with severe health issues, an addiction to work, and the constant pressures of imposter syndrome. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Chalene Johnson describes the challenges of building a supportive team, giving up control, and taking responsibility. She also gives clear, specific, and immediately implementable advice on how to set boundaries, focus on one thing, and eliminate distractions.

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Chalene discusses feeling unqualified or unworthy [1:58]

Chalene talks about being addicted to work [3:30]

Chalene describes the process of taking responsibility and setting boundaries [7:05]

Chalene explains how she and her husband set clear, specific priorities [9:05]

Chalene talks about the difficulty in giving up control [12:58]

Chalene shares her health challenges and how at first she thought nothing was wrong [15:39]

What would Chalene tell her past self to fix her relationship with health and work? [20:54]

Chalene describes imposter syndrome and how to deal with it [23:46]

Chalene talks about how her support system helps her take risks [25:35]

Failures make for the best stories, and everything you want is on the other side of fear [26:58]

Chalene discusses how to focus on one thing [29:03]

Chalene explains how she creates habits by focusing on the rewards [32:26]

Chalene describes exactly how she breaks her addiction to distractions [36:08]

When you say no, don’t give reasons why [37:06]

Chalene explains why you need to believe that your goals are possible [38:47]

Chalene advocates focusing on your direction, not your obstacles [42:25]

Chalene shares her superpower [43:12]