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Women of Impact

Jul 30, 2021

Are you struggling to communicate in a clear and healthy way with your partner? Does your relationship struggle due to arguing, fighting, or a pattern of bad behavior? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore ways to identify patterns of negative behavior in your relationship and how to fix them for good so that you can communicate together in a healthy way. They discuss how you should be communicating with your partner, dangerous patterns to look out for in your relationship, why you need to just be clear about your feelings, how to prevent problems from happening again, and why putting pressure on your partner isn’t doing the relationship any good.


Communicate | Lisa and Tom reveal how to better communicate with your partner. [0:17]

Patterns | Lisa and Tom reveal the power of predicting patterns in your relationship. [5:54]

Feelings | Tom and Lisa discuss why you need to be very clear about your feelings. [6:58]

Prevent | Lisa and Tom reveal how to prevent repeating problems in the future. [8:33]

Pressure | Lisa and Tom discuss why you should never dismiss your partner’s feelings. [10:10]


“Don’t ever say, like, the other person shouldn’t be feeling something, right? Cause you feel it and it’s real and there’s nothing anyone could ever tell you that’s going to make that seem less valid." [7:40]

“They may kind of resolve it in the moment but then they don’t think about, “How do I prevent this in the future?” Because having the same argument or the same problem over and over again is just, like, a waste of energy.” [8:45]