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Women of Impact

Jul 21, 2021

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Big audacious dreams scare most people back into their regular full time jobs. The sad truth is that the discomfort most of us complain about is usually the comfort we seek when opportunities present themselves to go after those big dreams we secretly carry around. If this sounds familiar or feels familiar to you, then Ellen Marie Bennett’s inspirational story may be the kick you need to find your inner spark and dare to take action. She went from zero experience, being a line cook at a Michelin star restaurant, to jumping at an opportunity to make a difference that led to the multi-million dollar brand, Hedley & Bennett aprons. Her energy is infectious and willingness to dive into discomfort, fail, and figure things out along the way are beyond motivating. This episode is packed with goodies that may have you making some major moves today.


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Override Perfection | Ellen on how she showed up for the journey of life asking questions [3:02]

Opportunity | The importance of not focusing on what you’re missing, just take action [6:17]

Inner Dialogue | How to listen but not be overtaken by inner dialogue to light your spark [11:37]

Perseverance | Ellen share the perfect response when you hit against a “no” and failure [13:24]

Self Belief | Ellen on being your own cheerleader and what humble enthusiasm is [15:33]

Humble Enthusiasm | Ellen explains being “excited to share and excited to learn” [16:33]

Confidence Belt | Building confidence with successes & failures out of your comfort zone [21:04]

Covid Shift | Applying humble enthusiasm to an operational pivot making masks [26:56]

Purpose | Ellen breaks down how your ‘why’ is essential to get through the shitstorms [31:03]

Imposter Syndrome | Leaning into who you are and honoring your own special sauce [33:27]

Weaknesses | How to tackle leaning into areas that are not your core strengths [36:26]

No Ego | Ellen on knowing how to get better and allow others to step in [39:32]

What to Take On | Ellen shares how she decides what to take on and what to pass [43:40]



“You learn life on the journey, not staring at it or thinking about it or imagining what it can become, but simply, you want to do something, show up, start trying.” [4:53]


“It put me so far out of my comfort zone that I wasn't just thinking about it. I didn't have time to think I had to act, and that's a beautiful thing when you're doing it versus thinking about it.” [9:37]


“When you hit a no, a no is not a no, a no is like go left or go right, but still keep going forward in some capacity”  [14:07]


“Every day, you have to wake up and know that nothing is just there. You have to create it and make it and be willing to shift when things happen, and your playbook goes flying out the window” [30:17]


“The shitstorms are so real. They're so aggressive, and so frequent, in growing something out of nothing, that if you don't truly believe in it, you don't have enough energy to fight through that storm.” [31:06]


“I'm not trying to be like that person, I'm going to walk in and be 100% myself. And they're going to appreciate that, because I'm not trying to act like somebody that I'm not. So there's an authenticity to it.” [34:24]


“If you have no ego, then you're willing to learn, and you're not claiming you know everything. Therefore, you can listen, if someone's telling you this is not working” [37:19]


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