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Women of Impact

Oct 21, 2020

Has your potential for growth been constricted by your patterns and habits that seem to have been in place for nearly your entire life? Do you wish there were a way to identify and interrupt such patterns in an impactful and positive way? On this episode of Women of Impact, holistic psychologist and author Dr. Nicole LePera joins Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to identify patterns of self-sabotage and what we can do to break negative patterns so that we may develop positive change in our life. They discuss how childhood patterns are developed, how we carry them with us every today, ways we can break negative habits and patterns, the power of connecting to your emotional body, how to access your consciousness, the benefits of connecting to your senses, how to navigate relationships and your family, and our ability to expand in life.


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Intro | Lisa introduces today’s guest on Women of Impact, Dr. Nicole LePera. [1:41]

Observing | Dr. LePera discusses childhood patterns that still aren’t serving us today. [3:13]

Judgement | Dr. LePera discusses how to identify your patterns without self-judgement. [5:22]

Resistance | Dr. LePera reveals the steps on breaking through patterns to new directions. [7:51]

Connecting | Dr. LePera discusses the power of connecting to your emotional body. [10:41]

Childhood | Dr. LePera on how to identify childhood patterns you’re still carrying today. [12:22]

Conscious | Dr. LePera shares how to escape repetitive patterns that aren’t serving us. [18:05]

Grounded | Dr. LePera reveals the power of becoming aware of your senses. [20:22]

Trauma Bonds | Dr. LePera discusses the importance of gaining support from others. [22:24]

Relationships | Dr. LePera shares how to work through trauma bonds with your partner. [27:08]

Differences | Dr. LePera shares what to do if your partner isn’t open to doing the work. [32:49]

Family | Dr. LePera shares how she worked through patterns and establishing space. [36:05]

‘And’ | Dr. LePera shares how to steer away from making excuse and show up today. [41:35]

Connect | Dr. LePera discusses her new book and how to follow her to connect. [44:22]




“Minds seek the familiar. Repeating the same behaviors is called a pattern, which comes from childhood conditioning. We repeat what we know.” [1:54]


“I believe, quite universally, all of our souls as humans seek three things: to be seen, to be heard, and to have this space to just express as is.” [14:55]


“Self healing means gaining the support of relationships around. You’re learning how to be in your authentic self and be connected authentically with others, because we need others. We all need other humans.” [22:03]