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Women of Impact

Sep 15, 2021

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So, you’re up early, get the kids ready (or not), grab a coffee and you’re running out the door to start another- busy day. The problem is everyday is a busy day, and the reality is that a majority of women (and men too) never feel like there are enough hours in the day. This leads to more stress and more anxiety. Add to all this the fact that in 2020 it was estimated the average person was spending almost 2 and a half hours on social media every day. This would be okay, except that Dr. Wendy Suzki points out that continuous exposure to news and social media is contributing heavily to anxiety and stress. According to Dr. Wendy, there are healthy levels of stress you need in your life, and there are detrimental levels of stress and anxiety that do you no favors. So how do you cope with all the added stress? Avoid it? Pretend it’s not a thing, or even worse, spiral out of control ? There are free, simple, very portable and easy ways to effectively lower levels of “everyday stress and anxiety.” Dr. Wendy Suzuki is a Neuroscientist and Psychology professor that brings movement, joy and fun into brain science. This episode is best listened to before your next anxious situation or immediately after if it’s too late.


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Value of Anxiety | Dr. Wendy on why anxiety is a protective emotion that is really valuable [0:41]

Identify Anxiety | Dr. Wendy explains how anxiety shows up and useful tips to calm down [4:30]

Self-Reflection | How to productively reflect on your anxiety to rebalance with positivity [8:40]

Connection to Smell | Dr. Wendy explains why smell is so effective conditioning memory [10:51]

Foolish Reframing | Why calling failure a failure is healthier than pretending you don’t [17:10]

‘What If’ Playlist | Dr. Wendy explains how to turn worry into action with a positive effect [25:44]

Social Stress| Being prepared for social situations and the danger loneliness is shocking [29:32]

Get Moving | Dr. Wendy on power of movement with verbal information you can do now [34:45]

5 Points in Anxiety | 5 points to help emotionally regulate and get out of anxiety [36:24]

Change Responses | Dr. Wendy explains why your brain is capable of change for better [39:42]

Power Reminders | What you remind yourself matters and your brain can learn anything [41:44]




“I like to call a big failure, a big failure. And I think it's healthy, to be able to, to be able to admit that and to learn from it, because everybody has failures.” [18:34]


“Negative emotions, like embarrassment and fear and worry, are very useful for us.” [19:02]


“We are human, we have this whole array of emotions for a reason, and the reason for those negative emotions is to help us learn, help us learn about ourselves, help us motivate ourselves.” [20:00]


“It helped me realize how much wisdom comes from great pain.” [23:24]


“Just because that scary person or that scary question is there doesn't mean you have to go there. You can tactfully and thoughtfully avoid that to decrease your anxiety.” [38:06]


“The human brain is the most powerful structure known to humankind, and it was designed to learn.” [43:11]


“You can train your brain to learn anything. If you remember that. That is the best mindset that you can go into life with.” [43:58]



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