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Women of Impact

Oct 24, 2018

Professional boudoir photographer, Lindsey Hahn, shares with Lisa how to embrace your deeper self by sharing your physical and emotional vulnerability in front of the camera. She also discusses how we can reframe the way we see ourselves and turn our flaws into strengths.


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Lindsey’s professional photography career [2:12]

Transitioning to boudoir photography [4:46]

Figuring out women's intentions [6:21]

Shifting the way women see themselves [7:39]

Showing love for yourself first [9:52]

Reviewing the narrative you tell yourself [11:10]

We view others how we view ourselves [13:00]

Making radical shifts in self-love [14:50]

Photographing real women with powerful stories [15:51]

Physical and emotional vulnerability in front of the camera  [17:54]

Turning flaws into strengths [20:05]

The power of embracing interior beauty [23:51]

Connecting the beauty of the mind with the body [28:32]

Embracing the stories behind your scars [31:07]

Checking in with your deeper self [34:40]

Seeing the beauty in anything [38:16]