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Women of Impact

Dec 18, 2019

It’s easy to see the fairy-tale ending, that Jaime Kern Lima sold her cosmetics business to L’Oreal for a billion dollars. But what’s not so apparent are the years of constant rejection that she suffered in the beginning when she couldn’t even get her business off the ground. She couldn’t get a business loan and she couldn’t find anyone who would give her product a platform. Most people would certainly have quit. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Jaime Kern Lima explains exactly why she continued to have faith in her intuition, and why she absolutely refused to give up on her mission to create beautiful cosmetics for women who look like her. 

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Jamie talks about how she once got fired from Denny’s and how it turned into a gift [2:55]

Jamie explains that she found success by following her gut instead of following the money [4:47]

“Am I pretty any more?”, Jaime once asked [6:43]

Jamie wrote her business plan on her honeymoon and then faced constant rejection [8:09]

Jamie explains that she always felt she was meant to help other people [10:50]

Jamie and Lisa discuss whether doing things for ego works [12:29]

Jamie experiences her faith through her gut feelings and that keeps her going [15:44]

Jamie shares the story of finally getting a “yes” from QVC after unending rejection [17:46]

Jamie says she kept up through constant failure because she believed in her mission [20:05]

Jaime was told that women wouldn’t buy makeup from someone who looked like her [23:21]

Jaime explains why she ignored experts who wanted her to follow the normal formula [31:05]

Sticking with the authenticity of her brand is the reason it grew to a billion dollar brand [34:29]

Jaime worked 100 hour weeks for 10 years, and the stress took a toll on her body [35:41]

Jaime talks about how after selling the business she had her first child [41:13]

Jaime and Lisa discuss self-care for both women and men [43:26]

Jaime shares her superpower [44:41]


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