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Women of Impact

Jan 15, 2020

Words like self-love, wellness, and health are thrown around so often, but rarely do people delve into how complex those big ideas are. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, a panel of nutrition and fitness experts discusses both their own personal experiences and the ways they have coached other people to better health and self-acceptance. Beth Manos-Brickey, Jen Cohen and Heidi Powell share their stories of dealing with eating disorders, chronic illness and body shame. Along the way they discuss the necessity of taking small steps, sticking to your plan, the difference between trust and control, and learning how to change your own self-talk about food and your body.

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“Not everyone can be skinny, but everyone can be strong.” [3:47]

Heidi recommends always asking why you are chasing a fitness goal [6:18]

The goal of loving yourself is too broad, and people need to get specific [9:12]

Beth talks about self-acceptance instead of self-love [9:46]

Lisa and Heidi discuss the need for supporters and super-friends [11:22]

Heidi explains when she decides to cut people out of her life [14:48]

Heidi details exactly how she learned to ignore other people’s opinions [15:28]

It’s not true that if you have an eating disorder you will always have it [19:43]

Beth and Lisa discuss trust versus control, and Beth advocates taking baby steps [21:26]

Jen strongly advocates not switching your plans constantly [26:23]

Beth recommends refusing to identify with the labels applied to your diet [27:01]

Deprivation is not the name of the game [30:21]

Lisa talks about how her identity around food has changed [33:02]

The stories we tell ourselves have nothing to do with what other people see [35:23]

Beth discusses the dangers of trying to manage emotions with food [36:54]

Jen advocates really knowing your personality type [39:24]

Give yourself permission to avoid shame [40:33]

Everyone shares their superpower [42:36]