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Women of Impact

Oct 20, 2021

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Building a successful business takes confidence and some level of skill no matter who you are. As women, there are sets of challenges we face that have to become part of an intentional way through to success. Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty are the genius inspiration, muscle and energy behind the infamous online community for ambitious women, BossBabe. Even after building an 8-figure business they share how imposter syndrome is still something to be dealt with at every level of success. They share the lessons and wisdom they’ve found along their journey and explain how to start having the right conversations to change your upper limits and reimagine what is possible. This episode is about having the understanding of the many forms of confidence it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and a Badass BossBabe!




Imposter Syndrome | Why imposter syndrome meets you at every level of success [0:35]

Mindset | What it looks like being all in, getting resourceful, & deciding where to go [6:54]

Competence | Finding confidence in what’s unknown through growing competence [9:06]

Capabilities | How women doubt themselves more and ways to have more confidence [12:39]

Confidence | Recognizing what your good at and celebrating yourself and others [14:32]

Receiving | People struggling to receive compliments without deflecting back [19:26]

Recognition | Why being recognized is important and can create positive spiral [22:28]

Communication | Being open to conversation, being more efficient, avoiding triggers [25:19]

Managing Emotions | Advice to manage emotions in business & personal relationships [29:15]

Triggered | Being triggered and learning to work through it and not taking feeling as truth [34:33]

Lifestyle | How lifestyle decisions impact confidence, productivity, and your responsibility [37:00]

F.O.M.O. | Pursuing your goals and sticking to your decisions over what you miss [46:03]

Money Talk | Why women are uncomfortable talking about money & the need for more [51:04]

Upper Limit | Pushing through upper limits to find success without overwhelm [1:02:09]




“Give yourself a reality check and do it anyway. There really is nothing that is going to set you up for success more than just being willing to do something, getting resourceful, leaving your excuses at the door and not waiting for anything to be perfect.” Natalie Ellis [1:28]


“A lot of my imposter syndrome was doing the things that I actually wanted to do, and the thought of not doing them then became worse or like the thought of not achieving the goals became worse than the imposter syndrome.” Danielle Canty [3:09]


“You have to own how you're feeling. So that you can start addressing it head on.” Danielle Canty [5:51]


“If you're all in with something, you get resourceful. I can't say that enough, getting resourceful being the kind of person that just figures it out.” Natalie Ellis [7:31]


“When you look at people who are famous or experts in the industry, they start at nowhere, like they started at the beginning to” Danielle Canty [12:17]


“The people around me that actually matter will celebrate that I'm celebrating myself. And if they don't, I can't be around them.” Natalie Ellis [15:54]


“If you struggle to receive, it's actually very hard, [...] like you actually repel that too, because you're just not good at receiving anything: knowledge, money, love any of it.” Danielle Canty [21:18]


“You have to take responsibility for your words, your actions, everything. If you want to change your life, if you want to do something new, if you want to, if you don't like the situation, you have to take responsibility.” Danielle Canty [27:17]


“Your only success was going to be mentally and physically capable of being.” Danielle Canty [39:16]


“I don't have FOMO so much because whatever I'm missing out on is a choice.” Natalie Ellis [46:54]


“Choosing an easy life now leads to a harder life later. Choosing a hard life now leads to an easy life later.” Danielle Canty [50:38]


“If women are serious about building wealth it's important to really acknowledge that, and claim that, and not be ashamed to talk about it.” Natalie Ellis [53:40]


“You get to change your narrative around money, you get to learn about money, and you get to understand how other people use money is part of the process.” Danielle Canty [55:39]



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