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Women of Impact

Jan 29, 2020

Gabby Reece was declared one of the five most beautiful women in the world, and she could certainly have made a career out of modeling. But she decided that being pretty wasn’t exactly what she wanted to bring to the table. So she pursued what turned her on, volleyball, and eventually became one of the world’s most successful female athletes. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Gabby Reece talks about how hard it is to determine precisely what you want out of life, and how difficult it is to stay focused on getting it. But she also discusses learning to be vulnerable, shares stories about childhood, marriage and motherhood, and explains why she fulfills different roles in the home than she does in her career.


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Gabby discusses leveraging her beauty to become more successful in athletics [2:50]

Being pretty is not what Gabby wants to bring to the table [5:37]

How do you balance being in the present with thinking about where you’ll be in the future? [7:37]

Gabby talks about how hard it is to clearly define success and stay focused on it [9:20]

Gabby shares the story of her childhood trauma and how she never fit in [11:30]

Gabby discusses accepting what cannot be changed [13:19]

“Input from your kids is like an ice pick to the eyeball.” [16:47]

Gabby credits a lot of her success to fear [19:41]

Nothing in life, even a 22-year long marriage, is guaranteed [22:09]

Gabby tries to bring the athlete’s attitude of excellence to her relationships too [26:05]

Gabby explains why she wants to be submissive in her home life [27:57]

Real alpha males need to be compassionate and honorable [30:35]

Lisa and Gabby discuss differences between women and men [35:30]

Gabby talks about the need to figure out what you really want [40:05]

Gabby discusses her attempts to become more vulnerable and more tender [42:22]

You have to lose to win [44:54]

Gabby shares her superpower [47:25]