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Women of Impact

Sep 18, 2019

Do you want to hear the unfiltered truth about being an entrepreneur, about starting and running your own business? On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, she and three other successful female entrepreneurs get into the nitty-gritty details, describe the challenges, and celebrate the joys of business. Natalie Ellis, Victoria Young and Amy Stanton discuss self-care and balance, bringing on a partner, dealing with failures and setbacks, and the necessity of extraordinary self-belief.

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Natalie advocates the necessity of self-belief and confidence [5:02]

Lisa and Amy discuss whether they were born or made an entrepreneur [8:25]

Lisa and Victoria ask how to know whether you need to pivot or push harder [12:07]

Natalie talks about the pros and cons of doubling your goals [14:48]

Amy describes how her business unfolded in a completely unexpected way [16:36]

Lisa and Victoria explain how important passion and purpose are [19:25]

Amy talks about how important a financial safety net is [21:23]

Natalie shares her experience with bringing on a partner [23:47]

Lisa talks about how she and her husband run a business together [26:34]

Natalie describes the benefits and challenges of having co-CEO’s [28:00]

Amy advocates resilience as the primary element of success [30:15]

Natalie advocates balance, boundaries and self-care [32:26]

Lisa and Natalie agree that, at first, you have to ignore balance to succeed [34:08]

Victoria describes her own self-care regimen [35:10]

Lisa and Amy discuss how to measure your output when considering self-care[36:32]

Natalie describes her meticulous methods of self-assessment [38:34]

Victoria explains her process for deciding what matters [41:20]

Natalie describes the sacrifices she has made to start her business [43:01]

Amy doesn’t think she has sacrificed--she has prioritized [44:47]

The panel shares their superpower [46:56]