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Women of Impact

Sep 19, 2021

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In this special episode Lisa and Evy tag team and bring you into their world of confidence and share all the tips you need to walk into your day with the most confidence. As Lisa shares, competence is confidence, and this episode is about empowering women to become more confident and learn what it means to be unstoppable.


Former Secret Service Agent and friend of the show, Evy Poumpouras, never disappoints and challenges you to reflect on all that youve overcome and everything youve accomplished to give your confidence an immediate boost. Think about your daily habits and examine if those habits are building your confidence or diminishing your confidence.



Dont be afraid to raise your voice
Be proactive to avoid being reactive
Use clothes to feel confident and also affect how others perceive you
Dont let people's negative perception of you affect how you present yourself
Being authentic to yourself helps you feel grounded and confident
Shift and adapt to what you are doing and how you feel



Write a list of the greatest accomplishments and difficulties youre overcome.



Put on your best outfit and say out loud, I got this,’ ‘Im confident,’ ‘Im unstoppable!


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Confident Woman | How to step into a space with comfort of being woman not stereotype [0:50]

Watch Self Talk | Flip negative voices so you are not tearing yourself down with words [4:00]

Confident Now | Looking at your accomplishments can help boost your confidence now [11:00]

The Inner Voice | Listen in on the inner voice Lisa and Evy use to push through training [14:15]

Over Prepare | How preparation is the secret to confidence, over preparing is peace [15:18]

Proactive | The value of having a plan in place, not being reactive, just being prepared [21:20]

Lisas Prep | Quick peak into how Lisa prepares for another amazing interview [25:54]

Look Confident | What you wear has an effect on the way you act & feel about yourself [27:07]

Identity | Remaining confident and not having your identity tied solely to how you look [37:17]

Camera Ready | Behind the scenes of how Evy and Lisa get ready to show up confident [42:24]







Confidence is not like genetics, you either have it or you dont. I really think its like a skill you cultivate [...] I think you build it by gaining competence. Lisa Bilyeu [6:07]


50% is what the world does to you but 50% is you. This you can manage, and so if you want to be those things and you want to change those things, its something you can do. Evy Poumpouras [13:21]


When Im over prepared, its one less thing I have to worry about. Evy Poumpouras [16:36]


I am proactive at prepare, prepare, so that when things happen I am less reactive. When youre reactive youre sloppy, youre emotional, youre in that moment, youre going to make mistakes, youre not sure. Evy Poumpouras [23:20]


We shift and adapt to how were feeling in that moment to what were doing, or maybe what were trying to feel. Evy Poumpouras [39:41]


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