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Women of Impact

Dec 11, 2019

It would have been so easy for Chelsie Hill to give up or to play the blame game after a devastating car accident with a drunk driver left her paralyzed from the waist down. Instead of quitting, though, she pursued her dream of becoming a professional dancer in LA and even started a successful dance team made up entirely of wheelchair-bound dancers. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Chelsie Hill describes struggling to embrace her differences, talks about developing her purpose, and explains why you need to surround yourself with people who want to see you fulfill your dreams.

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Chelsie describes learning she was paralyzed and recovering from her accident [3:10]

Chelsie explains how she took ownership of her decision to ride with a drunk driver [4:51]

Chelsie has to work every day on accepting the reality of her situation [7:50]

Chelsie describes the experience of making it onto an able-bodied dance team [10:03]

Chelsie advocates accountability to friends as a way to deal with life’s ups and downs [11:58]

Once a dancer, always a dancer [14:24]

You need your tribe around you, the people who only want to see you succeed [14:42]

Chelsie and Lisa discuss the different treatment of physical and mental limitations [16:05]

Chelsie shares the story of starting Be Boundless [17:48]

People are so much more than the labels attached to them [18:39]

Chelsie struggled to embrace people saying, “Chelsie, the wheelchair dancer!” [20:55]

Chelsie describes how she developed her purpose [23:57]

Chelsie talks about why she defended the drunk driver who caused her accident [25:00]

Chelsie must choose every day whether to be a victim or to pursue her dreams [29:26]

Chelsie says her paralysis is actually minor compared to the loss of her close friends [32:25]

“Everything that I’ve gone through has made me a stronger version of myself” [34:17]

Chelsie explains how she changed her mindset [35:22]

Chelsie talks about the importance of self-care [36:21]

Chelsie shares her superpower [38:20]


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