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Women of Impact

Nov 20, 2019

After suffering a series of devastating personal losses, Amy Morin was faced with a choice. She could have hope or she could wallow in self-pity. And as a psychotherapist, she worked with many people who faced the same choice. She noticed what separated those who are mentally strong, and now she dedicates herself to helping other people build their mental strength. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Amy Morin explains how to deal with guilt, self-doubt and self-blame, describes how complaining and venting actually damage us, and gives tons of detailed, concrete, constructive advice on building mental strength.

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Amy explains how she dealt with her loved ones dying [3:46]

Amy describes the difference between healthy grief and unhealthy self-pity [6:03]

When you are sad in a healthy way you still have hope [7:23]

Mentally strong people don’t give away their power [8:30]

Just because you think something doesn’t make it true [10:20]

Amy and Lisa discuss vulnerability and facing your fears [11:29]

Amy discusses the difference between secrecy and privacy [13:57]

Amy explains how to deal with self-doubt [15:10]

Amy describes toxic self-blame and apologizing [17:13]

Lisa and Amy discuss that guilt can be irrational just like any emotion [18:30]

Amy discusses how to deal with things that you cannot control [20:35]

“There’s this huge misconception that venting makes us feel better” [23:10]

Amy explains why you should set boundaries instead of complaining [24:45]

Amy advocates changing your own behavior instead of having angry confrontations [25:59]

Don’t downplay your success [28:53]

How to say thank you [30:24]

It’s OK to be proud of the successes you’ve had [32:20]

Amy advocates looking at people as opinion-holders, not competitors [33:15]

Amy explains the difference between upwards and downwards comparison [34:50]

Amy advocates setting aside a specific time to worry [37:48]

Parents should not take responsibility for their kids’ emotions [40:13]

Parents also should never lose sight of their own values [42:51]

Amy shares her superpower [44:48]