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Women of Impact

May 22, 2019

This week’s guest on Women of Impact is Allana Pratt.  Allana is an intimacy expert, the author of 4 books, and she is the go-to authority for people struggling to trust again after a harsh breakup.  In this episode she talks about how to trust after betrayal, how to develop an intimate relationship with yourself, and the importance of embracing your sexuality.  

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Allana recounts the first time she wore fishnets and a G string and how she began to feel empowered [3:27]

Allana talks about how she used to compare herself to people [6:21]

Allana tells the story about the first time she was forced to deal with the death of a friend [9:30]

Allana’s script for addressing herself and acknowledging her needs [13:17]

“What you resist persists” [13:56]

Why you need to have an intimate relationship with yourself before you can have one with yourself [16:03]

How Allana has taken ownership of her decisions [18:54]

How to stop judging yourself and make real progress [22:03]

How Allana dealt with not having money for a deposit to sell her coaching and the valuable choices she made to continue making progress [23:06]

Allana talks about why it’s difficult for women to open up about their sexuality [26:47]

Allana talks about her experience and relationship with money [30:02]

How to trust again after someone betrays your trust [35:11]

Why Allana says you have to match the vibration of the things you want [39:01]

Why you need to ask to receive [39:39]

Why Allana loves pole dancing [40:56]

Allana talks about her superpower [43:23]