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Women of Impact

Feb 26, 2020

Too much of the advice in the fitness, diet and self-help field is based on research that ignores reproductive-age women, their hormonal cycles and their natural rhythms. Functional nutritionist and women’s hormonal health expert Alisa Vitti intends to end that imbalance by promoting concepts, practices and bio-hacking methods developed by and for women. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Alisa Vitti explains exactly how women can get in tune with and benefit from their hormonal cycles. She also talks about why much of the health advice aimed at men is actually damaging to women, discusses in detail the unappreciated but critically important infradian rhythm, explains why PMS is absolutely not inevitable, and even suggests some ideas that could significantly increase your sexual pleasure.

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Why are women getting sicker? Why are women left out of so much research? [3:49]

Women in their reproductive years have a second biological rhythm, the infradian rhythm [5:48]

Your infradian rhythm impacts six key systems in your body [6:56]

Men organize their lives around the circadian rhythm, which matters to women too, but... [8:00]

Lisa and Alisa discuss the need for women to organize around the infradian rhythm [10:08]

PMS is not inevitable. Alisa explains how to avoid it. [13:35]

Alisa explains what happens if you disrupt your infradian rhythm too much [16:41]

Women should not necessarily follow the same schedule every day [20:31]

Alisa discusses the negative internal dialogue that women often struggle with [22:24]

Alisa explains how it’s counterproductive for women to train the same way every day [23:56]

Intermittent fasting and keto diets are harmful for many women [26:42]

You should listen to your body, when health experts disagree [27:52]

Women’s brain chemistry changes by 25% over the course of the month [28:55]

Alisa explains how the infradian rhythm balances out a woman’s life [34:34]

You may need extra self-care during different phases of your infradian rhythm [35:13]

How to listen to your body and respond to it [37:47]

You don’t need to be perfect in order to get started [40:00]

Sexual pleasure is different throughout the different infradian phases [41:05]

Lisa and Alisa discuss owning your own sexuality and its effect on confidence [43:24]

Alisa shares her superpower [46:35]