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Women of Impact

Sep 16, 2020

Values, priorities, and the ‘non-negotiables.’ What do you do if your significant other isn’t valuing the same things as you and may not be walking through life with the same growth mindset? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu sit down to discuss how you can take your relationship to a deeper level of connection through communication and a mutual understanding of shared values. They discuss how to approach your significant other when change may be needed in their life, how to open up the lines to a deeper form of communication, and the importance of openly sharing each other’s values and priorities.

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Initiating | Lisa and Tom discuss approaching a significant other about much-needed changes in their life. [00:27]

Opening Up | Tom and Lisa share how to open the lines of communication. [1:50]

Breaking Through | Lisa and Tom share how to talk to a significant other who may not have a growth mindset. [5:39]

Values | Tom and Lisa discuss the importance of why couples should be openly sharing their values. [7:51]

Compassion | Lisa and Tom share how to give constructive criticism in a relationship without sounding superior. [11:20]

Balance | Tom and Lisa discuss the balance of priorities, values, and sacrifices in a relationship. [13:25]

Cut the BS | Tom and Lisa discuss the importance of brutal honesty in a relationship. [16:20]




“If you don’t carve out that space and say that these are my non-negotiables, you end up in a world of hurt.” [1:20]


“What are the rules of this relationship? What are the values? What are the things that we as a couple are going to decide that we value together?” [7:51]


“Things that are right, move you towards your goals. Things that are wrong, move you away from your goals.” [13:07]