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Women of Impact

Sep 23, 2020

Writing your life’s story, tilling new soil, and giving yourself second chances. These are the things most of us only allow to happen once we’ve received permission from others or from life itself. Don’t wait. The only permission you need is from yourself. Your story is being written now, the soil is ready for new seeds, and second chances are ready to be seized. On this episode of Women of Impact, speaker, author, and CEO Lisa Nichols sits down with Lisa Bilyeu to discuss why you should feel empowered to begin writing your own life’s story, as well as legacy, that will inspire change and action today. They discuss why you should welcome interruptions to your routine, why now is an amazing time to lay fresh soil, how imperfection is nothing to be shameful of, why second chances are unlimited, and why you should look for the positive evidence all around you.

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Impact | Lisa Bilyeu reveals the impact today’s guest, Lisa Nichols, has had on her life. [0:26]

Unwelcome Interruptions | Lisa N. discusses complacency and the possibility for change. [2:50]

Your Story | Lisa N. speaks about writing your life and legacy’s story. [7:20]

The Unknown | Lisa N. discusses the finish line and how you’re never really done. [9:09]

New Soil | Lisa N. discusses how our mindsets have experienced a massive disruption. [11:17]

Imperfection | Lisa N. reveals the importance of learning to live with your disfunction. [14:58]

Endgame | Lisa N. discusses how to accept yourself and rise above to new heights. [21:24]

Power Voice | Lisa N. discusses how to identify and strengthen the voice inside you. [27:20]

Second Chances | Lisa N. discusses why you should give yourself permission to fail. [29:37]

Evidence | Lisa N. shares how she began to accept that her potential is limitless. [37:00]

Connect | Lisa N. shares her upcoming projects and how you can connect. [42:52]




“Don’t make me extraordinary to let yourself off the hook.” [0:26]


“…my memories of myself 20 years from now will be based on the action that I’m in today.” [7:02]


“People want to get clear before they fully get in action.” [10:35]


“What you haven’t done yet has to call you to your greatest version.” [22:26]


“Your mind is going to produce whatever you ask it for.” [40:05]










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