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Women of Impact

May 19, 2021

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Masculinity is being challenged on all fronts by women, men, judges, and corporate cultures everywhere. In this episode, Justin Baldoni joins me to discuss his new book, Man Enough. We discuss the problems men are facing with finding acceptance among themselves and with their female partners to be more open and vulnerable. The issues facing men today reach beyond just masculinity and ego. It’s an issue affecting women as well. Justin dives into how we as women were raised hearing and being impacted by the same stereotypes on gender roles as men were. Whether you are married, dating, or raising a son, this episode will help you start a conversation around the challenges men are having with learning to be more empathetic and open.


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Being Human | Responding to error,  having the bar set too low, and being empathetic [4:10]

Masculinity | Justin unpacks masculine culture and dominance and how to end suffering [8:04]

Power | Justin explains breaks down the zero-sum game of exerting power [12:26]

Enough | Justin on why feeling enough means other’s success isn’t a threat  [18:50]

Socialized Women | Justin discusses the behaviors women are taught [22:25]

Women Leaders | Justin highlights the disparity in how women are viewed in leadership [24:40]

Open Men | When men risk vulnerability but his partner can’t handle it [28:11]

Patriarchal Standards| How boys and girls raised desensitized to the same stereotypes [32:11]

Traditions | Justin on why questioning is important and it’s not about right or wrong [38:05]

Rightful Seat | Justin shares when your ego is tied to where you sit, move your seat [43:01]





“I would never ask women to have compassion for men. I would ask women to see how the patriarchal structure and system hurts men and let that be the entry point into compassion.” [8:29]


“I would rather challenge a system that will make me feel less than that will make me feel like a traitor to my own gender, then continue to be miserable.” [10:36]


“there's something wrong if I feel confidence, or pleasure exerting power over this person who loves me, for me.” [15:38]


“we don't have to seek power. It's not a thing to go and find. It's a thing that's innate within us, and it starts with recognizing our own enoughness.” [16:30]


“the second you enter what the patriarchy deems a man's place. You can't be emotional. You're not allowed. You have to conform, and you're immediately judged for the very same things that are okay for men. “ [23:13]


“We have to be willing to cry, and be emotional and vulnerable to the women in our lives. And the women in our lives have to brush up against that discomfort.” [34:00]


“My hope for men is that they don't feel they have to sit at the head of the table to feel like a man.” [43:02]


“I'm on the journey with you. And you know what, I reserve the right to change my opinion and to have my ideas and thoughts changed and challenged. Because I'm growing.” [46:50]


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