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Women of Impact

Aug 18, 2021

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In 2018, ‘toxic’ became Oxford’s word of the year. You’ve likely fallen victim to toxic behaviors in different relationships in your life. Even more shocking, is that you’ve even been toxic at varying times in your life. We all have. Whether the word is overused and completely misunderstood, this episode will help you think through toxic relationships and behaviors that may be costing you more than you know. After this episode, you’ll be able to identify some of the relationships that are no longer serving you and start examining the options you have for letting go of toxic people. Learning to set boundaries and identify language that you can use to spot red flags will serve you for many years to come.


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Dr. Ramani -

Amy Morin -

Matthew Hussey -

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Vilify Toxicity | Don’t Vilify Toxic People with Sara Jakes Roberts [2:36]

Complainers | Avoid Complaining About Them with Amy Morin [6:30]

Vulnerabilities | Be Thoughtful About Sharing Vulnerabilities with Matthew Husssey [12:02]

Stand Up | Stand Up For Yourself with Nedra Glover Tawwab [16:12]

Empathetic | Reconsider Your Relationship With Them with Lori Gottlieb & Dr. Ramani [19:39]

Boundaries | Create Clear Boundaries with Vanessa Van Edwards [24:33]



“When we encounter someone that is toxic, we have to understand that they are acting, thinking and speaking from their brokenness.” Sara Jakes Roberts [3:49]


“If you have a toxic person in your life, and you find yourself wanting to complain about them all the time, it's probably a good sign that you need to do something different” Amy Morin [8:16]


“Confronting someone is sometimes the most loving thing that you could do, and that it's really the kind thing [....] it doesn't have to be bad. It's about saying, I respect myself, but I respect you enough that I think we need to talk about these talk about these things” Amy Morin [11:41]


“There needs to be some separation between labeling someone a toxic person and saying the way they're behaving is toxic, or the effect of their behavior is toxic.” Matthew Hussey [12:58]


“Once you start to recognize the tactics that people will use to silence you, you can stand up for yourself better.” Nedra Glover Tawwab [17:24]


“We must have tremendous empathy for narcissistic people. Otherwise, we lose the best part of ourselves, and I'll be damned if somebody who's toxic is going to be the reason the most beautiful part of myself gets turned off.” Dr. Ramani [23:57]


“I don't have people in my life who put me in step number three very often. And that way, I know that I can totally be easy when I'm in interactions.” Vanessa Van Edwards [25:22]


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