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Women of Impact

Dec 2, 2020

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Youve been lying to yourself. Yes, everyday in the privacy of your own mind, you tell yourself lies over and over again. Most of the time, these lies are destructive and push your thoughts into negative places, thus bubbling up bad emotions and causing you to feel sad, depressed, anxious, frustrated, or angry. Well, its time to make a changeto start lying to yourself in a positive way. Its time to stop criticizing yourself and start praising yourself instead. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by hypnotherapist, founder of rapid transformational therapy, speaker, and bestselling author Marisa Peer to discuss such matters and more as they explore ways to stop telling yourself destructive lies and begin speaking to yourself in a positive and uplifting way that informs your thoughts and behaviors to change for the better. They discuss why the thoughts you create dictate your emotions and behaviors, the power of connecting your mind and body, why you need to confront your thoughts head on and discover the root cause of them, why you have to begin telling yourself positive lies, why creating stories in your head is dangerous, how our thoughts influence our relationships, what RTT is and the power it has, how childhood trauma and lack of our needs being met influences us as adults, and why its okay to mess up time and time again.




Intro | Lisa introduces and welcomes todays guest, Marisa Peer. [1:53]

Feelings | Marisa discusses why your thoughts dictate and influence your feelings. [2:59]

Thought Pattern | Marisa reveals how to disrupt your thought negative patterns. [4:43]

Body Connection | Marisa discusses the power of connecting your thoughts to your body. [6:07]

Ask Yourself | Marisa reveals why you need to question your beliefs and their origins. [11:13]

Needs | Marisa shares the needs of children and what happens if theyre not met. [13:10]

It Has to be You | Marisa shares why the thoughts you tell yourself must come from you. [15:38]

Relationships | Marisa reveals why you should never threaten someone as a game. [18:55]

Lying to Yourself | Marisa discusses the story you create for yourself in your head. [22:40]

What Lies Beneath | Marisa shares how to address the root cause of destructive habits. [26:21]

RTT | Marisa reveals how she treats others emotional pain fast and permanently. [28:54]

Role, Function, Purpose | Marisa discusses how your issues have a job and function. [33:33]

Children | Marisa discusses why you have to be very careful of what you say to kids. [37:04]

Inner Child | Marisa discusses how our problems can be traced back to childhood. [40:23]

Parenting | Marisa shares how you should approach parenting or treating children. [42:31]

Connect | Marisa shares where you can keep in touch and follow her for more advice. [43:02]




Thoughts dictate feelings. Your feelings dictate your actions, and your actions dictate your events. [2:10]


We have this fear that rejection will kill us. It wont. It feels like it will, but it wont. [25:44]


“…you have to keep going into expansion yourself. And when you move your mind into new dimensions, it never moves back. But it goes back again, you have to do it yourself. You cant give someone else the agency to make you feel good about you. [32:33]