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Women of Impact

Jan 27, 2021

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Do you struggle to say no when others demand or expect something from you? Do you fold under pressure, constantly apologize, and have a fear of disappointing others? On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by therapist, content creator, and author Nedra Glover Tawwab to discuss such matters and more as they explore ways you can begin to set powerful and clear boundaries in your life while still maintaining healthy, loving relationships. They discuss how to acknowledge the boundaries you need to set, how to shift the language you use to put you in control of situations, how to handle conflicting boundaries within your relationships, why you need to take ownership over your choices, how to handle disrespect, the power of being clear, why you need to stop apologizing, how to maintain boundaries after setting them, and much more.


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Intro | Lisa opens todays episode and welcomes todays guest, Nedra Glover Tawwab. [1:46]

Acknowledge | Nedra reveals how to acknowledge the boundaries you need in your life. [3:22]

Recognize | Nedra reveals why you need to recognize when youre being manipulated. [5:51]

Language | Nedra reveals why you need to develop the language you use. [8:23]

Boundaries | Nedra reveals how to deal with conflicting boundaries in your relationships. [9:13]

Fine Line | Nedra discusses why you need to set boundaries with others within yourself. [11:57]

Choices | Nedra reveals how you can take ownership over the relationships in your life. [14:06]

Do This | Nedra reveals what to do if someone isnt respecting your boundaries. [17:18]

Empower | Nedra discusses the empowerment within recognizing you have the choice. [21:26]

Lifestyle | Nedra reveals how you can build your lifestyle around empowering yourself. [23:42]

Being Clear | Nedra reveals how to be clear with others about your boundaries. [26:50]

Fear | Nedra reveals why you need to get over the fear of disappointing others. [30:03]

Dont Apologize | Nedra reveals how to avoid apologizing when you shouldnt be. [33:20]

All Around You | Nedra reveals how boundaries are constantly all around you. [34:56]

Restate | Nedra shares how to keep boundaries in tact with your relationships. [38:20]

Co-Dependency | Nedra shares how boundaries are healthy in your relationship. [41:26]

Whats Key | Nedra shares the one key thing you can start immediately. [44:51]

Connect | Nedra discusses her book and how you can stay connected with her. [46:52]




The more you increase your language around whats happening in the situation, the better you will be at recognizing when someone is trying to set boundaries over your boundaries. Theyre really trying to say, Hey, I dont want you to talk to me about this thing and this is how Im going to get you to stop.”” [8:00]


You cant make a person respect your boundary, you can only make a request. So you can say, This is what I need, I would really like, but you cant change another persons behavior…” [13:03]


The person that I have to please the most is me. It doesnt mean that what I need or what I want is more important than anyone else, but I certainly believe in self-care first because I cannot care for anyone or anything before I care for myself. [31:20]