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Women of Impact

May 26, 2021

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Women’s sexual health has been neglected and shamed for far too long. Between being objectified and treated as taboo, women have been sitting in silence, often not brave enough to start asking questions about what it means to have a great sex life and what it takes to get your partner in on the action. Emily Morse, a sex therapist and host of the popular Sex with Emily podcast, joins me to answer all the embarrassing questions you were too afraid to ask. Emily breaks down exactly how to improve your relationship by first discovering your own pleasure, and then by having conversations with your partner so the two of you can explore and enjoy together. She’s here to change your sex life!


Emily’s Yes, No Maybe List:




No Orgasm | Emily on why very few women orgasm with penetration [2:05]

Faking Orgasms | Emily lists reason why women fake orgasms and the disservice it is [5:22]

Masturbation | Emily explains its importance and why people think masturbation is wrong [6:30]

Talking Sex | Emily’s 3 T’s of communication for how to express yourself to your partner [8:49]

Sex Fantasies | Why having fantasies is healthy and normal and the 2 types of fantasies [14:11]

Spice It Up | Emily reveals 3 things people miss that reveal it’s time to spice things up [16:03]

Less Sex Drive | Emily shares what kinds of things may be impacting your sex drive [18:34]

Mismatched Libidos | High desire and low desire partners revealed [19:36]

Consistency | Emily on the magic number that works & getting in the mood for intimacy [23:18]

Prioritizing Sex | Emily explains why sex is one of the top pillars of your relationship [29:27]

Normalizing Sex | Emily shares her tips for making sex part of normal conversations [32:29]

Porn | Emily shares her views on how porn is not a concern and when it is a concern [34:22]

Being Judged | When your fantasies are judged & how soon you can share your desires [37:31]

Sexual Confidence | Emily on being confident when discussing your sexual preferences [40:39]

Pain During Sex | Why it’s so difficult for women to talk about the pain they experience [43:35]

Hard To Say | More things women find difficult to communicate to their partner about sex [46:28]

Impossible Orgasm | Emily reveals why she believes every woman can have an orgasm [48:53]




“We need good ol’ foreplay. It’s not just a suggestion, it’s actually a requirement. It is a requirement for women to get turned on.”  [3:20]


“Healthy masturbation is the key to unlocking our own pleasure because we’re responsible for our own orgasm.” [7:00]


“even if you're having the most incredible sex, [...] in every single relationship, it's going to get stale [12:09]


“If we expect that every time our partner comes up to us, we should be ready to go, then we're not doing our part, we have to keep our own pilot light lit.” [18:16]


“We got to make sex fun and something that you share. It’s not up to one person to carry the weight of the sex life.” [20:51]


“Most people want to talk about it. They just haven't felt safe or had that person.” [34:01]


“If you don't accept your own body, it's going to be really hard to get somebody else on board with it as well” [42:39]


“we're going to be the ones who ultimately are going to be able to crack our own code, then we can share it with a partner.” [48:05]


Emily Morse Bio: She is an American sex therapist, author, and media personality. She is the host of the long-running podcast Sex with Emily and is also known for her 2012 recurring reality television appearance in Bravo's series Miss Advised (2012).


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