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Women of Impact

May 20, 2020

Sarah Wilson is best-known as the founder of I Quit Sugar, and now she is at the forefront of another movement tackling one of the primary forms of human suffering: anxiety. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, best-selling author Sarah Wilson details specific methods for dealing with fear, anxiety, the feeling of overwhelm, and even full-on panic attacks. She advocates reading about others who have suffered, writing out your emotional reactions by hand, having intimate conversations with both acquaintances and strangers, learning to sit with your pain and discomfort, and talking to yourself as you would to your best friend.

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Sarah talks about how COVID-19 has revealed the lies we’ve been telling ourselves [3:08]

Sarah describes the freeze mechanism, our response to fear when we can’t fight or flee [5:33]

Sarah details specific strategies for dealing with feeling overwhelmed [8:56]

“Let’s run the experiment.” [10:28]

Sarah advocates talking to yourself as if you were your best friend, or even a small child [11:57]

How to deal with an outright panic attack [13:01]

Why it’s valuable to write out by hand what is going on emotionally [13:45]

Sarah explains why she reads about world leaders and what they suffered [15:28]

Lisa and Sarah discuss how your failures lead to your ultimate success [19:20]

Sarah talks about getting older as an unmarried woman with no kids [23:17]

Sarah describes the biological need for human contact [26:03]

Sarah discusses how technology has prepared us for everything except real life [30:13]

It is not natural to be sent into isolation to deal with a crisis [31:09]

Sarah advocates having really intimate conversations with people [32:38]

Sarah doesn’t eliminate bad habits. She forms new good habits. [35:47]

Sarah describes her process for identifying the deep needs underneath bad habits [39:34]

Sarah says that her anxiety is her superpower [44:33]