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Women of Impact

Apr 14, 2021

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If you’re not sure what to look out for, or you think your partner’s behaviors are a bit questionable, then today’s episode is going to reveal all the red flags and warnings of toxic unhealthy relationships you’ll want to avoid as early as possible.  


Identifying Flags | Know difference between toxic behavior and not being the right match [0:28]

The Facade | Get past the representative to avoid a commitment to the wrong person [3:56]

Narcissist Trap | When you’ve been disregarded 3 times staying is devaluing yourself [9:45]

Lack Empathy | If your partner is not showing empathy it could signal a narcissistic trait [12:19]

Unbalanced Effort | Acknowledge the gap, their intentions, and if the gap is reduced [14:54]

Self Righteousness | Watch out for rigid people that thinks they’re right and knows better [19:48]

Misaligned Values | Not aligned and lacking a mutual respect for the other perspective  [20:55]

Jumping Conclusions | Not attributing the absolute worst intention to behaviors [28:40]

No Boundaries | A partner tries to set boundaries over your boundaries to stop you [30:58]

Weaponized Insecurities | Using trusted information against a partner is broke trust [33:48]

Broken Trust | Don’t live in fear of trusting others, trust in yourself [35:13]


Matthew Hussey is a dating expert on ABC’s What To Text Him Back, columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and NY Times Bestselling author. He is a specialist in human attraction and relationship-coaching all over the world.


Spirit is the owner and clinical director of her mental health group practice T2S Enterprises. She is also the host of Love Goals on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Dr. Ramani is a licensed clinical psychologist, best-selling author, professor, speaker and more. She is the go to expert on narcissism devoted to demystifying toxic narcissistic relationships.


Evy Poumpouras is a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent turned TV personality, host and multimedia journalist that authored the book, Becoming Bulletproof.


Nedra Glover Tawwab is a therapist, content creator and author. Her book, Set Boundaries, Find Peace dives deep into healthy boundaries and how to say no.


Tom Bilyeu is co-founder of Impact Theory along with his wife, Lisa Bilyeu. His mission is to pull people out of the matrix at scale through mindset





“when someone is saying something that's not been earned yet, by the point in relationship you're at, that is something of a red flag.” Matthew Hussey [2:27]


“people will tell you one thing, but their behavior can tell you something completely different. It takes time in order to see that.” Spirit [5:55]

“with a narcissistic person, the earlier you leave, the easier it is to extract, right” Dr. Ramani [11:11]


“people reveal who they are not through their words, but through situations. And you have to in order to really see who someone is you have to see them in in enough situations.” Matthew Hussey [15:24]


“Highlight the gap in a classy and tactful way. Look at whether this person acknowledges the gap because it's usually the sign of a toxic relationship if the gap can't even be acknowledged.” Matthew Hussey [18:08]


“You have to look at people holistically who they are with everybody, because that's going to come back to you.” Evy Poumpouras [20:40]


“without immediately labeling, without immediately accusing if we can create just a little bit of space between the point at which we get curious and the point at which we've drawn all of our conclusions, that space saves relationships…” Matthew Hussey [29:32]


“So the more you increase your language around what's happening in the situation, the better you will be at recognizing when someone is trying to set boundaries over your boundaries.” Nedra Glover Tawwab [32:28]


“it's so terrifying to think how fragile trust really is that it only takes one gnarly comment that was aimed to be cruel, and you can really do a lot of damage.” Tom Bilyeu [34:38]


“You don't trust that someone is never going to betray you. You just trust that you'll be able to handle it.” Matthew Hussey [38:37]