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Women of Impact

Oct 28, 2020

On this episode of Women of Impact, motivational speaker and dating advice expert Matthew Hussey joins Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they break down the complicated parts of finding love and reveal how dating and relationships can be much simpler than you might think. They discuss the importance of feeling someone just try in a relationship, how to identify good intentions, why you have to invest in someone, the pitfalls of building up a story in our heads even before the first date, and why you should be willing to ask the difficult questions necessary in developing a strong relationship long-term. 

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It’s Not That Complicated | Matthew shares the importance of feeling someone just try. [1:53]

Intentions | Matthew discusses the difference between attention and intention. [5:46]

Invest, Then Test | Matthew shares why trying and staying confident is key to finding love. [7:20]

Complicated | Matthew shares why we try to force a fix when it gets complicated. [12:45]

Fantasy | Matthew reveals the pitfalls of writing a story in your head before it’s unfolded. [15:15]

Process | Matthew shares the four stages of importance in developing any relationship. [18:13]

Maintenance | Matthew discusses why the work in a relationship never ends. [23:52]

What They Actually Mean | Matthew reveals the true meaning behind what he says. [27:09]

What You Can Trust | Matthew reveals what you can trust that signals he likes you. [31:45]

Ask | Matthew shares why you shouldn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. [33:56]

Be Ruthless | Matthew reveals why you have to stand firm in your conviction. [39:21]

Love Switches | Matthew discusses the importance of knowing what your partner needs. [40:05]

Difficult Talks | Matthew shares why you shouldn’t steer clear of difficult conversations. [43:12]

Connect | Matthew shares how you can get his free guide and follow him for more. [47:05]




“Attention does not mean intention. We can get lots of attention from someone who has no intention of taking it anywhere further…” [5:46]


“Don’t invest in someone based on how much you like them, invest in them based on how much they invest in you.” [7:13]


“Instead of watching a story unfold, we’ve created the story before it’s happened.” [15:15]


“Women have to be brave enough to ask questions that they’re afraid of the answers to.” [35:35]


“Be kind in your tone, but ruthless in your actions.” [39:21]