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Women of Impact

Feb 10, 2021

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The term toxic relationship gets thrown around quite often in todays digital age, but what does it actually mean? How can you truly identify the red flags and warning signs of one? How do you know youre not the problem in the relationship? On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by the world's leading dating advice expert Matthew Hussey to discuss such matters and more as they explore the red flags of a toxic relationship and what to do if you spot them. They discuss why not everything is toxic just because it was labeled as so, why the rationale behind your feelings might be invalid, how to properly approach a breakup, what to do after youve broken up, how to heal your trust issues, why you need to be self-aware and self-reflective, why you need to have compassion when approaching your partner, and much more.




Intro | Lisa welcomes back todays guest and relationship expert, Matthew Hussey. [1:03]

Red Flags | Matthew reveals the key red flags to watch out for in your relationship. [2:36]

Toxic | Matthew reveals how labeling things as toxic can be going over the line. [6:30]

Feelings | Matthew reveals why the rationale behind our feelings may be invalid. [12:22]

Breakups | Matthew reveals why people use language poorly while exiting a relationship. [16:23]

Post-Breakup | Matthew reveals why reaching out after a breakup can lead to pain. [19:22]

Forgiveness | Matthew reveals why it can be so difficult to forgive. [22:46]

Trust | Matthew reveals how to let go of the pain from your past relationships. [23:40]

Compassion | Matthew reveals the power of approaching your partner with compassion. [30:05]

Healthy Signs | Matthew reveals what to look for early into a relationship. [33:03]

It Might Be You | Matthew reveals why you need to reflect and have self-awareness. [36:32]

Be Curious | Matthew reveals why you should never rush to drawing a conclusion. [39:08]

Vulnerable | Matthew discusses why you need to be vulnerable. [43:08]

Connect | Matthew shares how you can connect with him to learn more. [45:50]



“…when were scared, when were hurt, when were wounded, we have our favorite weapon. Our favorite weapon could be passive aggression. Our favorite weapon could be the silent treatment. Our favorite weapon could be storming off it could be attacking you. We all have our favorite weapon and I think we often scare people off in relationships not because of our wounds, we scare them off with our weapons. [7:45]


You dont trust that someones never going to betray you, you just trust that youll be able to handle it if they do. [27:55]


Its very difficult, especially when someone is making us feel like were overreacting, to get impartial and to say, Where is the line between me asking too much and me asking the right amount?” … and sometimes I think people dont realize theyre toxic because theyre so convinced of their story. [38:48]