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Women of Impact

Jan 13, 2021

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Are you struggling to make truly impactful change in your life? Do you struggle with overthinking, fear, worry, and you continue to make decisions that are self-destructive and continue to hold you back in life? Today, put an end to that way of living and start walking down a path of embracing change and owning every single one of your lifes choices. On this episode of Women of Impact, holistic psychologist and author Dr. Nicole LePera joins Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how you can put an end to your self-destructive ways that are holding you back from making real and necessary change in your life. They discuss how to identify the things in your life that are causing self-destruction, how to let go of your thoughts, how to overcome fear of change, how to stop betraying yourself, how to start on a path towards making the changes you want for your life, why you need to stop overthinking, how to find meaning and purpose, how to start the healing process, and much more.


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Sabotage | Dr. LePera reveals how you can identify and address your own self-sabotage. [1:17]

Awareness | Dr. LePera reveals how to begin to shift your mind so you can change. [3:50]

Release | Dr. LePera reveals the power of letting go of your thoughts. [5:55]

Thoughts | Dr. LePera reveals how to process and address your thoughts. [8:25]

Fear | Dr. LePera reveals how to overcome fear and just start putting in the work. [11:13]

Betrayal | Dr. LePera reveals the difference between self-sabotage and self-betrayal. [16:01]

Intervene | Dr. LePera reveals how to not get caught up vulnerable moments. [18:20]

Changes | Dr. LePera reveals why your life, mind, and body is always changing. [23:03]

Shifting | Dr. LePera reveals why we fear change in ourselves and others. [25:07]

Expression | Dr. LePera reveals why you have to retrain your mind before doing. [30:40]

Overthinking | Dr. LePera reveals how your habit of overthinking is holding you back. [32:19]

Meaning | Dr. LePera reveals how to cultivate meaning and purpose. [33:06]

Choices | Dr. LePera reveals why you need to make positive-choices a habit. [36:22]

Healing | Dr. LePera reveals why you have to reverse-engineer your lifes choices. [37:15]

Connect | Dr. LePera reveals how you can continue to follow and learn from her. [39:33]



“…theres a universal reality that most of us humans share, or all of us humans share, which is that change is hard. Period. [2:31]


“…Its not about the smallness of the promise, its not even about the promise. When were talking about healing from self-sabotage and self-betrayal, its just the act of observing yourself show up. [15:49]


I think overthinking is a sabotage. I think humans and our thinking brain has become so primed,our school system trains us to solve all of problems from up here…” [32:27]