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Women of Impact

May 12, 2021

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It doesn’t matter what culture or social climate you were raised in, you come into adulthood, womanhood carrying the burden of social demands, pressure, and expectations that weigh heavily. Maybe you’ve never questioned the beliefs you have around how a woman acts, what true love looks like, or if being your true authentic self is even an option. Who is she? What does she like? How does she feel about herself, marriage, or children? In this episode, Lisa is joined by the NYT bestselling author and clinical psychologist, Dr. Shefali. The conversation gets super real and right to the heart of breaking down belief systems that are keeping you trapped so you can rethink and discern beliefs that are uniquely empowering for you as an individual woman.


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Belief System | Dr. Shefali on how beliefs restrain you from discovering who you are [2:35]

Love Debunked | The idea and agenda of love as an idea that comes with expectations [5:16]

Motherhood | Dr. Shefali explores Lisa’s backlash deciding to not have children [11:25]

Motherhood Pressure | Dr. Shefali debunks mothers just identifying through their child [17:41]

Authentic Life | Dr. Shefali explains and Lisa punctuates discerning life on your terms [23:19]

Beauty & Youth | Dr. Shefali breaks down positive & negative of the standard of beauty [26:30]

Feeding Insecurities | The problem with tying self-worth to the physical & being powerful [36:45]

Niceness | Dr. Shefali debunks being nice and embracing the bitch and authenticity [41:17]

True Essence | Dr. Shefali reveals your true essence is not destructible, false self hurts [45:20]

Toxic Femininity | When good qualities of femininity is extreme and excessive  [47:29]





“we ingest these belief systems and then we robotically follow them, so they encage us, they don’t liberate us” [3:39]


“The condition is always there, and there should be conditions. Those are called boundaries. Those are called, my standards, what I need, and we should flourish ourselves with conditions that allow us to blossom.” [8:35]


“the fairytale ends when the real relationship begins.” [10:42]


“There's a big distinction between biologically bearing a child and being a mother” [12:55]


“We need the permission to believe that there are other options so that we can still feel worthy without what culture has told us...” [20:33]


“We are at war with our own bodies, because of this inner critic. And we women need to say no more.” [29:26]


“I'm learning for myself to neutralize the word cellulite, fat, thin, wrinkles, old. These are judgmental words in culture when actually they're just parts of life.” [31:18]


“Everyone can have their own relationship with me. The key is, do I have a relationship with me?” [44:34]


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