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Women of Impact

Feb 17, 2021

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Life is going to knock you down. You are going to have setbacks. Its almost certainly inevitable. Still, its on you, and you alone to push away the temptation to simply become a victim of life. Instead, you must rise above, stand tall, and continuously adapt as life throws you curveballs. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by author, reporter, host of the Better Together podcast, and all-around badass Maria Menounos to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to overcome setbacks in life and why you need to find your voice, feel a sense of empowerment, and start putting yourself first. They discuss Marias incredible journey from entertainment reporter to overcoming a brain tumor, why you need to feel a sense of empowerment, the power of being open to every perspective, why hardship is a blessing, how Maria has re-defined her definition of success, why you need to live life on your own terms, the power of purpose, and much more.


Listen to Marias all-new podcast, Better Together with Maria Menounos:



Intro | Lisa opens todays episode and welcomes todays guest Maria Menounos. [0:30]

Journey | Maria shares her incredible journey of discovering she had a brain tumor. [3:00]

Learning | Maria reveals what she would have done differently when looking back. [9:06]

Empowered | Maria reveals how to empower yourself to start speaking your mind. [13:36]

Possibilities | Maria reveals why you have to think of every perspective possible. [20:56]

Hardship | Maria reveals how she pushes through pain and overcomes challenges. [23:18]

Success | Maria reveals why its okay to radically re-define your definition of success. [28:11]

Living Your Way | Maria reveals why she decided live her life on her own terms. [33:08]

Dreams | Maria shares how her dreams have evolved and shifted over time. [37:48]

Purpose | Maria reveals the little things that led her to finding her purpose. [41:16]

Connect | Maria reveals how to stay connected and follow her for more. [43:50]



“…I know our beliefs create a chemistry in our bodies that make shit happen. [19:29]


You have to realize that your pain, your traumas, they can all be your fuel. They can be your ally in your pursuit of your dream. [26:43]


For me, it was redefining success and knowing that just because I can doesnt mean I should and then making choices that supported that or its like, Is this gonna serve my soul? Is this gonna to make me feel like Im living my purpose? Or is this going to make me feel happy and have fun? And if it wasnt, I was like, Well, not interested.”” [42:10]