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Women of Impact

Jun 30, 2021

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It is so easy to take inventory and list every person, every event, and every situation causing stress in your life. Regardless of where you are, what your social status or income, we are all having a similar experience. The stress and anguish you experience on a daily basis to co-exist and keep the peace with family, friends, and co-workers is overwhelming to say the least. What if the solution to relieving this stress and finding true happiness is much simpler than you think? Martha Beck is an amazing life coach dedicated to freeing people from suffering. She shares some shocking truths about curing unhappiness and getting in alignment with your true nature. Find out why “going harder” is usually the worst decision you can make, and how all the little white lies we tell ourselves and people around us are hurting our body, mind, heart and soul.


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Integrity | Martha explains what integrity and being whole [0:52]

Lost Integrity | Martha on living out of integrity without your true nature [1:45]

6 Symptoms | Signs that you’ve fallen out of integrity with your true self  [2:45]

Should | Marth shares 2 possible solutions driving actions from unseen truths [5:14]

Lies | Martha breaks down the impact of self-deception on body, heart, mind & soul [6:42]

What’s True | Martha on checking in with yourself and finding her integrity [10:33]

Throw It Away | Martha reveals what she gained “throwing” her life away for her truth [13:16]

Moment of Pause | Martha reveals the power of pausing and why it’s key to your truth [16:53]

Mourning | Martha explains why losing the familiar causes you to mourn [21:27]

Purgatory | Why breaking away from culture allows others to find their integrity [23:34]

Looking Back | Martha explains the point of no looking back stepping into true nature [25:21]

Bad Relationships | Martha shares what it takes to be true to yourself to move on [28:40]

Don’t Go Harder | Martha on why doing more of what isn’t true for you makes it worst [31:37]

Positive Stress | How to go with the flow of what you need and not fight yourself [34:29]

One Degree Turn | Martha shares the secret to small incremental steps to what you love [38:41]

In Integrity | The miracle of peace that happens when you live in your integrity [41:55]



“Whether the lie is for good or for evil, it has the same effect on you. When you speak to other people in a way that presents a persona that isn't what you really are, you've sold yourself away for those people to make them happy.” [7:15]


“A lot of times you don't have to tell those lies to be polite, but if you say something that's not true, you yourself end up paying the price.” [8:04]


“if it's worth throwing your life away, for one little child, it's worth throwing your life away for another, for your own inner child, for the truth of yourself. [15:08]


“There is so much joy in an ordinary day, when you're living in integrity” [20:53]


“The shape that fits with integrity is integrity. So you're actually inviting everyone around you to be honest with you, as you're honest with them.” [24:57]


“You’re split from yourself because you were trying to be good. And you need to find out where that pulled you away from your truth, and reexamine that, so you can find your truth. And when you have enough of your truth, you act, that's how it works.” [30:49]


“When we're pushing ourselves to do more of something, that's not true for us, not in integrity for us, it actually makes the pain much worse very quickly.” [32:34]


“for you not to answer your life's purpose would be the ultimate stress.” [38:18]


“fill your time with things you love, and subtract the things you don't love. Step by step by step, your whole life will turn around.” [40:38]


“you don't get the success and that brings you peace, you go to peace, and that brings you success.” [43:04]

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