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Women of Impact

Nov 25, 2020

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This week’s guest on Women of Impact is Victoria Arlen. As a teenager, Victoria contracted a rare disease that rendered her locked into her body in a vegetative state. After years of immobility and a prognosis that looked grim, she was suddenly able to blink. From there she began the long road to regaining her mobility to even competing in the Paralympics and Dancing with the stars. Today Victoria Arlen is an actress, speaker, model, and the best sellingauthor of her memoir, Locked In.





How Victoria reacted when she realized she was locked in [03:00]

How to coach yourself through hard times [05:35]

Are your doubters right? [10:07]

The difference between surrendering and giving up [15:24]

Why you can't let negativity get to you [19:00]

How to use others' negativity to fuel you [21:51]

How to dream big, breathe, and listen to your intuition at the same time [27:27]

Why you can't put a timeline on your goals [33:29]

The power of dreaming big [38:05]

What to do after achieving your biggest dreams [41:46]