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Women of Impact

Jul 22, 2020

Aileen Xu, creator of Lavendaire, describes herself as an “artist of life.” She helps people design their dream life and embody their best self. And she knows all about how difficult the process can be, given that she had to embrace her own creativity over the objections of a family that desperately wanted her to pursue a conventional life of middle-class success. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Aileen Xu explains how to find your passion if you haven’t discovered it, how to deal with other peoples’ criticisms and negativity, and how to rewrite the negative voices in your own head so that they become more compassionate and empowering.

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Aileen talks about parental expectations in an immigrant family [2:18]

Aileen describes the tension between wanting to be creative and her family’s desires [5:50]

You have to tell yourself you’re a pro before you become one [11:06]

How to rewrite the voices in your head so that the self-criticism ends [12:38]

People are mirrors and only projecting their own insecurities onto you [15:03]

Follow your curiosity if you don’t know what your passion is yet [16:59]

Aileen explains why she decided to not pursue singing and music [18:44]

Done is better than perfect. [21:17]

You are never too old to take the first step towards your ideal life [24:09]

Aileen shares her superpower [25:28]

Aileen talks about the lessons she learned from COVID-19 [25:59]