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Women of Impact

Jul 15, 2020

Best known as “The Budgetnista”, Tiffany Aliche is rapidly becoming America’s favorite financial educator. Her mission, which has made her wealthy and helped over 800,000 women worldwide collectively save over 100 million dollars, is to empower women so they can create a better life for themselves and their families. And on this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu and Tiffany Aliche discuss personal finance, big dreams, achievable goals and global impact. Tiffany shares her own story of hitting financial rock bottom, describes her visualization and journaling methods, and reminds us that our mistakes do not define us. 

And she also shares her new children’s book, “Happy Birthday Mali More”: 

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Tiffany describes turning 30 and realizing she had more money at age 15 than age 30 [2:00]

Fear makes the wolf bigger [7:06]

Sometimes judgment comes from the people that love you most, because they are afraid [8:44]

Tiffany grew up with a good financial mindset, but blew it at first with a bad relationship [12:11]

Some of us are living someone else’s idea of “more” instead of our own [16:29]

Money is merely a tool. You can use your money to build or to destroy. [21:10]

Children show the fire of their passion easily, so that means it’s inside you [21:52]

Unearth your dream, visualize what it looks like exactly, and write down your goals [25:56]

Your mistakes do not define you and you can’t let your mistakes beat you down [29:22]

You are literally a miracle [34:16]

Tiffany talks about her bill to include financial education in New Jersey middle schools [36:31]

Tiffany describes her struggle to remember to soak up the good things that happen [39:17]

Tiffany and Lisa discuss how to normalize discussions about money [44:33]

Tiffany talks about her free financial education courses [47:05]

Tiffany thinks her superpower is her energy [50:27]