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Women of Impact

Oct 6, 2021

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Boundaries don’t push people away, they can actually make relationships closer. Anna Yusim says, “the stronger your boundaries, the closer you can get to somebody.” Have you ever stopped to think about boundaries in that way? I’m sure many of you, myself included, are guilty of thinking if we have stronger boundaries we’ll end up pushing people away. The fear we face of disappointing people or somehow offending them can easily keep us stuck in a space of not honoring ourselves. This episode is for all the strong women (even if you don’t feel strong every day) that need a little more assurance that it’s not only okay to have boundaries, but it’s essential to the health of your relationships and critical for your own mental health. Start standing up for yourself (no one else can) and prioritize you, your needs, and what matters for you to flourish in the life you choose to live.




Tip #1 | Communicate Your Boundary [0:34]

Tip #2 | Set Boundaries with Those Close to You [5:34]

Tip #3 | Know Who’s In Your Corner [14:03]

Tip #4 | Get Clear on Your Priorities [18:30]

Tip #5 | Separate work from your personal life [22:20]

Tip #6 | Stand up for yourself [27:30]

Tip #7 | Decide if the boundary is worth breaking [32:15]




“A lot of times it means them changing, it means them experiencing you differently. It might mean them not having that role that used to play for them performed anymore, and they might need to find somewhere else to go with that need.” Nicole Lepera [2:31]


“To know your own boundaries, you have to be comfortable enough with yourself to really feel in real time what you're comfortable doing versus not.” Anna Yusim [6:01]


“Not every person in your family can help you promote growth, and to create an environment for you to incubate hope some people are blowing your candle out while you're trying to get the flame going” Sara Jakes Roberts [14:20]


“What I do need to carefully covet and protect is my time because I can't get more of that.” Chalene Johnson [22:06]


“Assertive is clearly stating what you want or need, being mindful of your tone, and trying to say it in the right setting.” Nedra Glover Tawwab [28:46]


“If you're trying to turn these healthy habits into a lifestyle, you have to learn how to hold your boundaries in those social situations.” Melissa Urban [35:03]


“There's no guilt, there's no shame, there's a consequence, and the only person who can decide at that consequences worth it is you” Melissa Urban [37:34]


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