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Women of Impact

May 5, 2021

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As humans our desire to be liked and accepted by others is part of the human experience. We are social by nature, so caring what others think about us is something we all experience on some level, but it can feel like kryptonite when you care too much. When it starts affecting our self-esteem, our self-worth, our confidence and our ability to show up, it becomes a problem we need to deal with. In this episode, Lisa introduces the tactics and strategies she uses and reveals how to turn your kryptonite into a superpower that leaves you in charge with your empathy intact.




Beating Yourself Up | Lisa’s tip for catching yourself and asking ‘what’s the lesson?’ [2:18]

Social Anxiety | Lisa shares tips socially awkward situations and having a plan [4:54]

People Pleaser | Lisa reframes the problem & defines the main issue with people pleasing [9:56]

Inner Critic | Lisa explains why caring isn’t a problem but listening to your gut is crucial [17:32]

Caring for Others | Lisa reveals why boundaries and self-care are needed [25:21]




“So every time negative thought comes in, you ask yourself, what is this telling me? Can I listen to it? Can I just do it? Can I get better? And then use it as getting better” [4:40]


“...overcome the fact that caring and people pleasing can actually become detrimental to you. Don't switch off the part of you that is special. Just develop tactics to overcome them.” [8:52]


“it can be beautiful to complete someone. But if you seek your value in that, that's where it becomes dangerous” [10:36]


“your protection is having your own value system that cannot be damaged by external people.” [13:43]


“Give your gut the megaphone and go, now does it feel true? What these people are saying? Does it feel true? [...] But if something doesn't feel right, that someone's telling you, ask yourself why, and start following that thought.“ [22:56]


“....the reason why you give yourself over is because you do care because they are meaningful to you, so don't shut that off, but don't give up who you are.” [28:23]

Lisa’s Book Suggestion for Social Anxiety:

Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards,