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Women of Impact

Sep 1, 2021

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In what ways did last year’s pandemic impact you as an individual? Yes, it was disruptive to all of our daily lives, routines, and relationships, but what fundamentally changed about you as a person? Mel Robbins, author of the 5 Second Rule, joins Lisa for the first time on Women of Impact, and she came in so real, so raw and so authentic to her truth, her failures and how much she uncovered and found unhinged in her own life from the pandemic. If you’ve been dealing with any kind of self-doubt or if you’ve ever stood eye to eye with yourself in the mirror and felt disappointed, disconnected or unworthy this interview is going to speak straight to your core. Mel is sharing the power she found in giving herself a simple high and why this simple gesture that packs so much meaning may be the catalyst you need to start connecting with yourself again and start dealing with the truths and pain we’ve all ran from at some time or another. Maybe you’re still running. If you are, sit down, catch your breath, and dare to see yourself in a new light today.

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The Imposter | Mel exposes feeling like a total failure leading up to her Impact Theory interview

High 5 Attitude | How Mel developed a high five attitude in the middle of perceived failure

Pursue Dreams | What happens when something becomes so important to you, it takes over

High 5 Habit | How Mel formed the high habit standing in her bathroom on a bad day

Mirror Moments | Mel breaks down the power of taking a moment in the mirror in the mornings

Celebration | Mel exposes how self validation and celebration is hard wired & not to be denied

Put Yourself 1st | How to acknowledge your own existence by fulfilling your own needs

R.A.S. | Mel explains the reticular activity system as a hair net and a filter you control

Visualization | Mel breaks down why visualizing the suck part of the process is more effective

Responsibility | Mel on how you are your own responsibility and that’s liberating power

High 5 Your Heart | Mel breaks down why placing your hands on your heart helps anxiety

Stop Running | How being busy is a distraction from the need to face yourself, slow down!

Self Relationship | Mel on the importance of loving and respecting yourself first regardless

Failing to Win | Mel gives the difference between loser mentality and winning mentality

Look Forward | Mel shares why you have to look at the best days ahead not what past



“Your feelings are going to rise and they're going to fall, and feeling nervous and feeling scared and feeling on edge and imposter syndrome, it's all normal stuff. You’ve got to develop the ability to feel all that stuff, have your cheeks be as red as a baboon’s butt, and walk out there and do it anyway.”


“You need celebration and support so that you can do those things that you deserve and you want in your life.”


“When you realize you can change the filter in your mind, at any time, you can silence the bullshit you've been saying to yourself.”


“Instead of visualizing the finish line, which is what we all want to jump to in life, right? Visualize all the crappy, horrible things you have to do, in order to get to the finish line. [...] If you just visualize the good stuff, you are not preparing yourself to do the work that it takes to get that stuff.”


“You are not responsible for the shit that was done to you. Period. You survived it, which shows you're worth celebrating, but you are responsible for healing, for changing and for who you become next.”


“Know that no matter what, you are going to be okay. Because you have your own back.”


“Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of every single relationship that you have. If you don't love and respect yourself, how on earth are you going to do that for other people?”


“At any moment, you can choose to change, but no one's going to come in and do it for you. You got to look yourself in the mirror and you gotta say ‘I see you. I see that you're not happy, and I'm going to fucking do something about it.’”


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