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Women of Impact

Sep 22, 2021

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At what age did you become aware of your body? How long after becoming aware of your body did you start to feel shame or embarrassment? When your walking down the street, sitting in a class, at work, or scrolling through social media, everywhere you look, consciously or unconsciously you are silently judging others and judging yourself. Maybe you think to yourself, ‘she’s so pretty,’ ‘at least I have more curves than her,’ or ‘she’s too skinny (or fat).’ From Khloe Kardashian to Billie Eilish, from your grandmother to your best friend and the last woman you saw today, everyone seems to be struggling with body image, self-love and confidence. Emme, the first plus-size supermodel that flipped modeling industry standards for how thick or thin is actually beautiful, joins Lisa and discusses her experience getting into modeling and on her first big photo shoot, being called a ‘fatty’.Emme is an international ambassador and champion for changing beauty standards to help “real” women embrace and love the body they have. She is speaking out against unrealistic standards and talking about leveling up your life, your vibe, your passion and purpose for living.


For more information on eating disorders and body image issues, Emme highly recommends:




Big Photo Shoot | Photographer refuses to work with Emme. This was her response [0:31]

Not About Me | Emme on why it's more about where the other person is coming from [4:31]

Fear | Identifying when people are coming at you from a place of fear and bullying [7:45]

Body Dysmorphia | Think about what your relationship is with food and view of self [8:53]

Comparison | Emme on why comparison is problem, know what’s right for you first [12:11]

Solutions | Limiting social media, knowing yourself and connecting to nature is a start [15:00]

Gratitude | Reframing gratitude and having appreciation for your body and soul [19:15]

Confident | Emme shares how she found confidence in spite of body shaming at home [22:48]

Empowered | You choose your journey and how you decide to feel, it’s empowerment [29:51]

Self Talk | How to talk to yourself & counter negative self talk, you’re a work in progress [33:38]

Self Acceptance | Love yourself and be free with who you are in the present moment [35:33]

Passion |How to live a full with joy and a meaningful life with purpose on purpose [38:36]




“If I let one person trip me off of my game, that's my fault. [...] you don't know where people come from with their own ideas of body image” [3:31]


“The goal is always to be the master of your own universe” [10:49]


“It touches me deeply when you can really get into that place of gratitude, and thankfulness when it's all hairy and crazy all around you and you can save yourself” [19:15]


“You learn and then you go forward, and it's like life was presenting me with opportunities to get beyond that, but not to forget it.” [27:04]


“Set yourself free to be able to to be okay with just exactly who you are in this present moment. Not a second later. Not a second from before, but right here. And now.” [35:35]


“go for what really gets you so excited that [...] gets you so excited that when you talk about it and when you're engaged with it, that you feel it all throughout your body and you know that that moment of truth is real.” [39:41]


“Go for what really gets you so excited that I'm goosebumps and pumps all over gets you so excited that when you talk about it and when you're engaged with it, that you feel it all throughout your body and you know that that moment of time Truth is real.”


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