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Women of Impact

Jun 2, 2021

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What does it take for you to show up everyday?  And I mean really show up! If I’m honest, even now after all these years, it can still feel uncomfortable and a bit scary, but I do it anyway. When I come across people that are showing up and being completely vulnerable and authentic to who they truly are, I am struck with admiration. Gigi Gorgeous, the famous YouTuber, Transgender Activist, Author, and so much more has been showing up since 2008 inspiring everyone on what it is to live your best life through the highs and lows. Learn through our candid conversation about being vulnerable, resilient and committed to changing and evolving into your truest self. No matter who you are or how you identify, her story is impactful and inspiring.



True Self | Gigi on the ongoing struggle being herself through hard times & being happy [3:18]

Avoid Bottom | Seeing others living as their true self and using that to inspire you [5:48]

Mental Resilience | Gigi on getting down your thoughts & building up when knocked down [8:30]

Internal Transformation | Building confidence with every external change to not comply [12:10]

Being Compliant | Gigi on not being compliant and being open to your real thoughts [15:10]

Social Media | Gigi on having a healthy relationship with social media and protecting self [16:57]

Insecurities | Gigi on not allowing others to project what they’re dealing with onto you [19:26]

Getting Hate | Gigi on seeing unkind people as hurt people and not taking it personal [21:57]

Evolving | Getting beyond the battles and rising above the grudges you let go of [26:27]

Defending Yourself | Ready for battle, ready to talk about it but not defending decisions [29:47]

Evolving Together | Gigi shares how her & her spouse have handled many changes [36:22]

Labeled | Being empowered by the labels others create, owning it or rejecting as needed [42:53]

Vulnerability | Gigi explains why vulnerable is beautiful, and vulnerability is key [44:40]

Overcoming | Gigi shares what she is most proud of overcoming so far [46:07]

Coming Out | The importance of living your truth, celebrating life, live it to the fullest [49:13]



“There’s no better feeling waking up and being yourself, your authentic true self. You don’t have to hide anything, everyone has that. It doesn’t have to be gender thing, it doesn’t have to be sexual orientation thing we all hold things inside and when we let go it’s the most healing and beautiful thing”  [2:32] Gigi quote read by Lisa


“You can never experience true happiness if you haven’t experienced true sadness” [3:45]


“it was all internal for me as well, and then the second I reached out, the second I started making changes, it just felt so good, and I feel like that’s when your confidence really skyrockets” [13:21]


“If you can’t look in the mirror and be like b*tch I love the f*ck out of you then something’s got to change”  [17:54]


“Hey on some days I’m really insecure. Some days I don’t really like the way I look, sound, or am, and I get really down on myself. Those feelings always go away and it’s just about how you deal with them.” [18:29] Gigi quote read by Lisa


“When you think about it, it’s impossible to hurt you. What people think of me is none of my business” [19:46]


“I can’t ever let any negativity dictate how I show up, and that was the big difference between me caring and letting it dictate my life and caring and not letting it dictate.” Lisa Bilyeu [21:19]


“the second that you let that go it's such a gorgeous feeling and it sets you free and honestly it ages you, like if you hold onto all this negativity and anger you’re going to look horrible” [25:54]


“I love to say I hate change, but I think I love change, it’s exciting [37:29]


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