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Women of Impact

Nov 18, 2020

Control your emotions, stay calm under pressure, and walk through life with complete ownership over your decisions and actions. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu sits down with former Secret Service Agent and author Evy Poumpouras to discuss such matters and more as they explore ways to overcome pressure and begin taking complete ownership of situations in your life. They discuss how Evy handled pressure in times of immense stress, why you sometimes need to prioritize yourself first, the power of your words, why you need to be mindful of who you surround yourself with, how you can learn from your mistakes and grow, how to have authority with others, and the power of taking complete ownership of your life.


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Intro | Lisa introduces today’s guest, Evy Poumpouras. [1:05]

Pressures | Evy shares times she’s felt immense pressure and how she handled it. [1:50]

Instincts | Evy shares which intuitions to listen to when under pressure. [5:53]

You First | Evy discusses why you sometimes need to prioritize your needs first. [8:16]

Learn | Evy shares why you need to asses, learn, and grow from your mistakes. [13:12]

Verbal Economics | Evy discusses how and why you need to properly apologize. [16:57]

Surround | Evy shares why you need to be around those that can handle pressure. [19:17]

Composed | Evy discusses how to stay composed when tensions begin to escalate. [21:05]

Authority | Evy shares the importance of clearly setting the tone with people. [22:49]

Words | Evy shares the language that makes all the difference in establishing authority. [26:02]

Priming | Evy discusses how to prime others to have them be more open to you. [28:05]

Dating | Evy shares what to be mindful of when going out for the first time. [29:58]

Deflect | Evy discusses how to deflect pressure off yourself and to focus. [31:09]

Ownership | Evy shares why you need to take ownership over the situation. [34:19]

No Excuses | Evy discusses why you shouldn’t let excuses trap you from living. [34:49]

Choices | Evy discusses why you have choices that will make you stronger. [37:47]

Victimhood | Evy shares how people get trapped in abusive relationships. [41:58]

Resilient | Evy discusses how she built her resilience and learned to take ownership. [45:0p]

Connect | Evy shares how you can continue to follow her and ways to connect. [46:43]




“Choose what you let out. Not every idea that pops into your head should you verbalize. Because when you do that, you’re not putting weight into your words.” [26:27]


“Own your shit. You make a mistake, own it. You make a mistake, fix it. Nobody wants to hear it. Find out what it is, fix what it is, and then that way you can move forward and excel.” [34:38]